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REVIEW OF "CAROLINE KNOW" by Eric Saeger - Hippo Press


"Fans of folk revivalists like Karen Dalton and Jackson C. Frank, Manchester local Geoff Himsel and his girlfriend and musical co-conspirator Carson Kennedy were covered before on this page back in June 2020, upon the release of their I Am The Hand album, which was a pretty trippy little joint, full of real-sounding samples of rain, train station sounds, and thunderclaps. Thankfully the pair hasn't lost their taste for weird-beardness; opening track "Will You Miss Me/A Brighton Beach of the Body" begins with some sort of circa-1930s-sounding radio broadcast, which is charming on its own, and then the duo ease into some organic, vintage-sounding busking that evokes Dust Bowl sharecroppers on a deserted stree corner. More old-time-radio chatter and happy desolation ensue, most agreeable on "Angel Was My Friend," at which point you begin picturing unplugged Woodstock performances of old, things like this. Some courageous, warm-hearted stuff here. A+"

REVIEW OF "CAROLINE KNOW" by Chris Hislop - SeacoastOnline

"Bird Friend was a new discovery for me this year. Based in Durham, Bird Friend are creating a lovely cinematic brand of music. Delicately strummed, beautifully spun vocal harmonies, and vivid storytelling. I’m a big fan. Very Tallest Man on Earth (with female accompaniment). It feels like this duo has been doing this kind of thing forever. And perhaps they have. I have no idea. In 2022, I shall find out more about this mysterious band of melody makers. In the meantime, take this record for a spin. It’s gorgeous."

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